Tuesday, April 20, 2021


After providing German army with the pink love machine the time has come to get something nice for the US force. Especially because I want to try something new on enemy Italians...

The general idea is to save some precious points by replacing "normal" tank by mobile AA battery - Italians use mostly light vehicles so HMG battery supported by anti-tank gun should be enough for them. And once again I've found something cool in the Warpainter's offer.
Must say the model available there is much better then Warlord's - much sharper and better detailed. There was some spare space around the gun so I also got stowage set - just to add some shames and colors to make whole piece look (hopefully) more interesting.

The turret you can see has been salvaged from the failed Krautmower project - that model has never seen the battlefield anyway so it became perfect candidate for parts donor. 
The turret is metal (Warlord) and I prefered some extra weight on the back, instead of printed battery. The barrels have been replaced with thin rods - original barrels are just way too bendy for safe transport and gaming.

I was pretty satisfied about the paintwork - it was pretty clean and bright, but when weathering came I just got carried away... Again... On the other hand war is a dirty hell πŸ™„

That's it for now, time to roll the new toy out and shoot some nazis... πŸ’€