Sunday, October 3, 2021

Heretic legionnaires

Since I am STILL WAITING for some heavy support for my Bolt Action Hungarians, decision was made to take one more trip back into origins of my hobby: mid 90's. Like 2 weeks ago I gave a try to new way of washing paint off the miniatures and these guys below were test subjects. Heretic legionnaires are Semai's cannon fodder - trusty grunts of Lord of Lies... 

Nice story, but sadly only 2 poses were released, of which one (with rifle) is just stupid... 😒 Despite their age I still consider the one with knife & gun cool - even for modern standards.
But there's special place in my heart for old Warzone stuff so each model from this range deserves to be painted. Besides we're about to have annual classic Warzone battle and I need some more cannon fodder - every heretic counts for war effort and Greater Evil!

As for painting I've never liked plain uniforms so tried painting some simple camo using mostly "blu tack" and airbrush. It's not exactly what I expected but still looking decent especially on gaming models. One of models lost it's knife, so it got assault gun from 40k - more DAKKA! for the team.

Hope to dig out something much more decent for the next painting... ^^


  1. Awesome additions to the collection!

    1. Hehe, yeah - they definitely are specific 😉

  2. Lord of spite sure called them "handsome commandos". They have the classic charm.

    Everything was weird in that line: Razide looking the same (face-wise) than brass apocalypt, darkness golem, immaculate fury... hated that. And still the charm is undeniable: go check 2nd edition cultists... meh 😶

  3. "He didn't WANT to bring the Twins along. But if he left them behind, they'd eat all the snacks".

  4. Hehehe, cheers guys!

    @javi: I actually like razide model very much 😁
    As for other models - well some of them (many of them...) were pretty unfortunate (check those loincloths on the twins FFS!) yet the urge to paint oldie Warzone range is just unbeatable.

    Right now I am slightly repainting necromutants and preparing some terrain pieces for 100% painted, wysiwyg Warzone game.
    Hope battle report will turn out juicy... 😎

  5. 3rd time writing, got this erased twice in a row 🤯

    I really need a necromutant skin recipe ASAP. It always troubled me.

    Text said them being soot like skinned but artwork depicted them pale green or mustard for the most part.

    Same with Razides: Razs may be the alternate spelling for mutant chronicles, so iconic. But fluff said they were hulking body mass of flesh and stone merged with metal. Really? Where are the mechanical partially visible innards? Where is the stone?

    I love Paul Bonner's vision, but everything looked like that guy's drawings.

    Such discrepancies between fluff and artwork kinda bothered me, in a confusing way.

    Corporate armors looked samey but their helmets and shoulderpards... villains face were all the same, swamp thing-like (furies, apocalypts, razides, golems...).

    Such rich universe, so wasted in many ways.

    You may check fantasy flight games mutant chronicles. It's OOP but comes with a paper matt and all the cards for troops, so you can use the ones you already have.

    Oddly enough they didn't release razides on their 1st (and only) wave of minis. Weird choices but light game using custom dice for range and damage in just 1 roll.

  6. By being OOP I meant you can get a game system for like 5€, ditch the 54mm minis and keep the rules, dices, playing matt and stats cards 😎

  7. As for erased posts - have you been using incognito mode on Chrome? A while back I've noticed you cannot post comments anymore while stalker mode is ON... 😖

    As for tha main post - I know artwork differs from fluff but I've never cared about that. Warzone was my first miniature game and it was Bonner's drawings (+ some minis) were what dragged me in. That is why I still have some fun painting those oldies - even if some of them are just awful (Kratach heretics... 😚).

    I am also very happy to see painted Warzone stuff generates better interest when painted Oldhammer stuff. Pretty weird! 😵