Monday, October 11, 2021

Oil drums stock

This time something rather quick, easy yet essential for proper gaming: terrain piece. 
Actually there are 5 pieces 😊 I got these after Road to Berlin event but somehow until now didn't find enough steam to bring them onto painting desk. But since we're about to play annual Warzone game (HUZZAH!!! πŸ₯³), finally with both armies fully painted and on brand new battlefield, decision was made to upgrade it with some line of sight blockers.

As mentioned above it was tournament random prize. As for product itself it's very decent stuff - nicely casted, no miscasts found, came ready to paint straight from the box. Micro Art Studio did good work on these barrels.

As for painting it wasn't much complicated but was rather time consuming because of the oil paints I used plus pigment binders, but the final result is acceptable,even though I've overdone applying pigments. I had that idea to add biohazard or radioactive signs but dropped it, since these are also be used on world war 2 battlefields. 
Warzone stuff for the scale. Hope to paint few more heretics before Cybertronic arrives for some serious necro-spanking from Nero πŸ‘Ύ

As you can see above I need new, wider backdrop...


  1. Wow. The result is much more than merely 'acceptable'!! They look totally ace, I love them.

  2. Sorry to say but that's a pile of trash. 5 piles indeed!

    I don't know much exposure properly humans get to these things IRL but as far as my personal experience, these look like the ones you painted so good job I guess. I'd rather spend my time on nudes than trash but hey, to each its own.

    Now serious, these are fantastic. I miss real dirt tho. I mean if you come by these IRL I'm sure the ground would not be looking like Palace's Hall.

    Maybe throwing in bottles (scale ones are sold in se thru plastic) or rolled balls of paper, cigarettes, ammo shells...

  3. You brought white towels. They will be useful when you give up the game.

    1. LOL Hahahahahhahh

      Tough call... cybertronic v dark legion, my 2 fav factions! So far cheering the cyberspace just for that towel comment xD

    2. I'll use them to wipe Cyber-scum off the surface of the Nero (or wherever the battle is gonna take place... 😁 )

  4. Awwww crap!
    I totally forgot I actually have some spare printed bottles which could be used on this set. Well - maybe next time... πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for attention and constant support!

  5. You did an excellent job! Weathered barrels and jerrycans look awesome.

  6. Cheers dude!
    Hope to paint a wrecked ship yet before the upcoming battle.

  7. Congrats on the great weathering!