Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Necromutants (kissy lips)

So recently I've painted Semai's heretics trio to provide Dark Masters some more power for the coming Warzone game. My One True Foe is now waiting for his Cybertronic canned meat to be painted so I hope to see brutal battle within 2-3 weeks in Elbląg outskirts area 😊

While waiting for the battle I started painting some terrain pieces to make dark future battlefield bit more interesting. Looking for some ideas I've found Marijn's thread on Warzone Eternal FB group - long story short: the guy painted necromutants but gave them torn-off / wounded mouth. If you remember old Warzone artworks such thing appeared on Studio Parente's and Paul Bonner's works for example. 

I remember while finishing my necromutants band I was wondering about painting faces similar way but thought that might look just silly. And that was until I've spotted Marijn's post. I liked his result so much whole team got plastic surgery right away! 😁
Looking at them now I am sure it was right move - such vibrant color in the middle of the model surely catches attention. Now back to painting oil drums...

And as for reference materials I've mentioned earlier - some ideas if you want to take your models to necro-dentist, veterinarian or whoever provides them health care 😁


  1. Pfff... They are waiting!
    The army list for 1000 pts has already been printed... 😈

  2. That's the way to go for sure. Not painting them like that leads to orc-like appearance, just because this sculptor was responsible of old hobgoblin / orc / goblin minis and it shows.

    Hate u so much, my minis are "all nose" so won't be able to get that feel.

    Congrats, I'd say you made them justice but truth to be said your work actually surpassed old official studio paint jobs

  3. Thank you fellas!

    @javi: I still line official paintjobs better - back days tried to copy that "clean" style and their way of painting camo but failed after several attempts. Looking at pics again I am getting more and more convinced to paint kissy lips also on undead legionnaires... 😋

    1. Dark Symmetry No Kissery.

      That's why Razides got no lips. Make war, not love!

      IMHO you shouldn't paint that way Legionaries because they are just dead bodies thrown into Tekrons' 🍄1up soup to get a battery charge.

      No mods, no enhancements. In warzone resurrection necromutants had a 'jet black syringe' to turn dead enemies into Legionaries on the fly.

      Necros on the other had been thru surgery, rad, meds... hence the looks.

      BTW it wasn't till not long ago that I discovered CURSED Legionaries! I thought there were only vanilla zeds and blessed ones.

      Cursed Legionaries are the latest in anti kissing tech Valpurgius has 🤣

    2. I wouldn't mind getting hot kiss from Ilian... 😊😁

  4. Utterly awesome!

    I love the old Necromutant figures as they really are some of the most iconic sculpts from classic Warzone!

    1. Cheers!

      Yeah, they are pretty cool and were much cooler back days! 😎
      Nowdays the only thing we can do to give the justice is give them fresh, eyecatching paintjob - which is what I try to do 😊