Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Desert hill

October belongs to terrain making here. After getting set of Micro Art Studio oil drums done recently I decided to add another terrain piece to desert styled Warzone battlefield.

Last weekend, instead of having a battle, we met to prepare some terrain bits - which was actually pretty fun as well. And surely had absolutely nothing in common with beers we brought to the gaming bunker... 😊
Anyway I wanted to see quick result with not too much work engaged so gave a try to old and well tested hardboard + styrofoam + tree bark combo. There's lots of tutorials about making such thing in the web space so I'm not going to spam another one. Just want to share my observations instead.
1. It's definitely quick and easy way to get some additional terrain piece.
2. It's cheap!!! 😍 
3. For painting I used some actylic paint and the biggest brush I could find - waiting for glue and paint dry took much longer then actual work.
4. I found some desert style modelling flock. It's kinda bright olive / yellowish - never used it on any model (that color is just stupid) but it looks just fine on terrain piece.
5. For the first time I used white glue spray to attach flock and final layer of sand (bright on top). Must say it's just great tool for terrain making, I'm sure I'll use it also on another terrain project. After all I must provide some cover for my advancing (kissy-lips) necromutants... 

Models for scale:


  1. The beach is here, but where are the sunbeds?

    1. My nepharite is going to bring some, together with suntan lotion - no worries... 😈

  2. Prrfffgh 🤣🤣 run to the hiiiiiiiills!

    The demon yelling at the skies on top of the hill I found hilarious.

    Climb up there they said. You'll be the king of the HILL they said.


  3. Hehehe, screw you! 😋😁

    I am shamelessly feeding the blog, so what?
    It's always hungry! 😁

  4. Replies
    1. Bah, quick, easy and CHEAP!
      That's the most important! 😋