Sunday, April 17, 2022

Empire hipogriff

Hey again.

Right this moment some re-animated war machines are being painted for 2500 pts Undead Army project, so it's just quick "technical" announcement. While preparing some spare room for coming skeleton chariots and catapults I found this fella hiding in the glass case.

It's been brought to existence almost 8 years ago and since that time it's been pretty useless. In fact I'd like to wash it off and use hipogriff as vampire lord's mount, but on the other side that would be waste of solid (I think 😊) paintwork. The model is mount of Bretonnian king but for rider I picked Empire "arabian" character - no idea who it is, I got it because he looked just cool. Whoever he really is - it's just solid material for army leader or at least mighty hero.

So here's the idea. I can sure wash it off or try to sell but I don't like wasting decent paintwork and don't have to paint stuff for living anymore. But if any of you have spare old monster from middlehammer era (Griffon? Or zombie dragon maybe?) and would like exchange it for my painted piece let me know - maybe something can be arranged 😎


  1. Hey, that's original! I love the mount-rider combo. The paintjob is ace, as usual, but you made this one really stand out :)

  2. Thank you Sub! 🤗
    I like the model but much more would like to see something more useful - like oldie Morley's zombie dragon instead 😉