Thursday, April 21, 2022

Undead carrions

"In ages past gigantic birds of prey lived amongst the peaks of the World Edge Mountains..."

Another 2 models left (actually: flew down) the painting desk: pair of undead birds of prey - carrions. Army of the Undead has grown by 90 points and another unit has been finished! 
I remember I got the these models yet during high school times but shortly later Vampire Counts were released so carrions were forced to retire... 😒

Back days whole unit ended up in the pile of shame: I didn't like paintjob and couldn't use them in Vampire Counts army. But years later, when the Middlehammer Undead Army was born, models were washed and I looked at them from the other angle. There were just cool.

Few years back 2 carrions were painted and now remaining pair joined their undead siblings. Despite models are bit goofy I like them a lot and I'm very glad they finally got paintjob. These sculpts bring back lots of memories. I am quite sure whole that Undead Army thing will drag out even more nostalgia. Funny feeling actually. This thinking about past is like I am summarizing my life. Preparing for something. Can't get it out of my head.

I also like the bases are a bit scenic - all those little details make model alive (or rather: living dead...😋 ) and therefore more interesting. Skeleton remains come from 2 or 3 skellies which ended up as parts donors during my years in hobby. Breast plate and left arm come from old plastics, which were bit smaller then multipart skeleton regiment. I'm really glad these two were taken out of pile of shame. Some more deaders next time 💀

So here they are - whole dead birds flock worth 180 points:

And the ones just painted:

Take care 👻


  1. Cztery wcielenia Orko na wielkich ptakach. Fajowe!

  2. Another glorious classic coming back to lif... well, you know what I mean!
    Awesome work indeed!

  3. You were actually right:

    back to life to bring more living to the dead! 😋