Thursday, September 8, 2022

Tale of baker boy

This time it's something unusual: piece of local history.

I've been donating blood for quite a long time and here after donation apart from getting 8 bars of chocolate to compensate lost calories sometimes you get some free shit like t-shirts, mugs of similar trash. Last sime I got key chain pendant with local "hero" figure - baker boy.

From what I know in XVI century Tutonic Order was trying to put it's dirty hands on Elbląg. Knights were trying to break into the city through the market gate which hasn't been closed. The battle was on and situation was pretty bad for the defenders when suddenly local baker boy reached ropes holding the gate and cut them with his shovel: gate closed, invaders were repelled.

It is said that the shovel has been hanging inside the market gate for the next 200 years to remind citizens about deed of brave baker boy. It surely granted Leadership bonus to all friendly units within 12". Pretty useful especially if you are commanding army of peasants...

So I got that key chain but the quality was so crappy the second day the figure broke off the chain 🤣 I do not like wasting so the figure was filed and prepared for painting.
It's slightly larger then 28 mm scale infantry models so I thought if could be a statue of sort of border mark. Like: behind that statue lays land of Elbląg.

I still have to test taking pictures with "scenic" background so here it is 😊

And here are Tutonic Knights - brought back from the graves by zee evil necromancer, trying to take revenge on the local hero: 

And here's the market gate:

Baker boy statue:

And the place of final rest of the shovel:

Next post will be about a wraith, so stay tuned! 👻


  1. That's a nice story and a great work on such a piece. Bold movement and excellent result.
    Death Korps of Krieg approves this post and its shovel

    1. Cheers mate!

      Thinking about the story again I think Ye Shovel not only granted morale bonus but also at least +1 Strenght 😁

  2. The story is really interesting and reminded us of the legends of other boys who played a role in key events (pun intended!) of national history in many countries.
    We always like to see mixed historical elements in the Warhammer lore, and great paintjob for the oxidized bronze ... only now it will be inevitable that you will put together a militia to defend the memory of the little hero from the bony and evil knights!

    1. I'd love to but sadly I always stand behind forces of evil, so the best I could do for the defenders is turning them into another zombie regiment! 😋

  3. Nie ma marnotrawstwa! Dobrze wyszedł, gratuluję pomysłu!

  4. Dzięki, cieszę się że się podoba 😉

    Teraz muszę rozbudować nieco bazę dekoracji bo ten trawiasty plan nadaje się obecnie jedynie do robienia zdjęć co najwyżej jednego i to nie za dużego oddziału.

  5. Such a cool background story! You did him justice. :D

  6. Thanks!

    Yhe next one terrain feature: Pig Daemon of Gluttony... 🐷

  7. Deprivation of such amount of blood on regular basis explains a lot 😁

    I remember an old pic of you inside the "blood bus" having that FML HAND ME THE DOUGHNUTS PRONTO B*TCH face.