Friday, September 9, 2022

Wraith (undead champion)

The main infantry unit of the Undead army has just got the command group: proper champion (wraith), standard bearer and musician. The trio travelled through time and space to get here from early 90's. As almost all models in my army wraith is pretty poor fighter but it's etheral and causes terror which both might be useful in the heat of the battle. 

I had some ideas about color scheme of this piece (and the rest of wraith unit in the future). Initially I tried to paint it vivid - Herohammer way. But instead of "noble purple" or sort of "wizard crimson" it turned out bright pink. "Panties pink"...🤢
The color was so disguisting I didn't manage to correct it anyhow so model was washed off.

Second attempt was brighter color scheme. 
I didn't want it look "ghostly" so I tried painting like burial gown or monk's habit. This combined with some washes and glazes turned out better then expected. Not sure other wraiths I have will be painted similar, but the idea of dead monks is just better then good...

As for the rest of command group I used color palette from the skeleton unit: tattered clothing, rusty metallics and of course - black and white motif on drum and banner. Must say I like the way they turned out especially placed in front of the unit. There are still lots of old models patiently waiting YEARS for getting painted - hope after Oldhammer Weekend I'll still have enough necro-steam to save another units from the pile-of-shame-purgatory 💀

Below - undead regiment invading green fields of Princedom of Elbląg 😊


  1. Your wraith as a ghost monk is a great idea (M.G. Lewis would be proud of you) and very nice look for your unit's command group. The wraith is a little more imposing than the musician and the standard bearer: is it so because it is a champion or do they belong to sets from different years?
    However, let's keep to protesting that it is a bit unfair to throw all these bad guys at a poor lonely statue: what has it ever done to them?

  2. @Rodor: Cheers dude, glad you like it!
    Wraith and other models are more-less same age: 1992-1994. And I think they were all sculpted by Gary Morley 🤔

    As for skellies attacking the statue - claearly they didn't manage to deal with baker boy while still alive, so the time has come to try again in the afterlife! 😈

    @quidamcorvus: No ba! Martwe to musi być fajne! 😋

  3. Wow. That's a bold movement, using that palette, and I have to say it looks awesome! There are a lot of different tones there, I love your work!

  4. What a lovely bunch! They look awesome together!
    Lucky you for having such a cool event nearby.

  5. Thanks guys, knowing fellow painters appreciate work is very motivating!

    @Squig1980: well, that "nearby" is ~3,5-4 hours driving 😐😉

    1. Well that's not so bad. Great opportunity to blast some metal in your car. ;)

    2. Oh yeah - lately I've found Carpathian Forest best companion for a road trip 🤘🏻💀🤘🏻

    3. Hell yeah, excellent choice mate! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻