Friday, November 17, 2023

US infantry (winter war) #3

Another squad trusty G.I.s has just arrived to winter bitten Ardennes, ready to eat their own guts, ask for second and then kick zee Germans back where they came from! 😋 
I am pretty surprised I've managed to paint these guys so fast but apparently taking a break from Bolt Action was just kinda breath of fresh air for the hobby. Looks like there are about 15 or so models to paint / re-paint to fit winter style and I should be able to field 1000 pts fully painted wysiwyg Battle of the Bulge force. Really cannot wait - that artificial snow looks just great contrasting with rather dull olive uniforms.

This squad is kinda different then previously painted models and the test squad. Although I like the sculpts I really don't like metal heads so this time I decided replace original reads with plastic from US set (big thanks to Marcin for the idea and Mirosław for the body parts!). These simple conversions surely aren't my best surgery works, but I really like the final result: new heads look just SO MUCH BETTER then originals! There are still several spare heads in the bits box, so they will surely be used sooner or later. 

I got this squad second hand and sadly didn't notice some barrels were broken off before placing a bid. Oh well - no one should notice that from distance, when models are placed in the crowd. Besides from afar they kinda look like carrying shotguns 😁 

So here's the current state of Snowball Company: 2 squads, some extra weapons + a taxi:

And below: fresh, regular 58 points worth G.I.s (including BAR and SMG):

Next stop: dragon ogre - most probably... 

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