Friday, June 12, 2015

More Warzone: nepharite of Demnogonis

This time only one model. And not even finished completly.
But that's what happens when suddenly normal life strikes in with full force of work to be done. Oh well...

But I am glad this necro-piggy is finally painted enough to be used in gaming.
It's my third attempt to paint this version of nepharite of Demnogonis (you can see the other one here) and it's finaly acceptable. There's still something to be done though: 
after taking pics I know I have to add stronger contrast around the worms (some reddish brown or purple maybe), add some oxidation around rivets and add paint some weathering / stains on the robe. I don't mind the guy is wearing bright clothes (that's based on the fluff after all) but I've found taking pics of such model pretty tricky: bright rags reflect artifical light very much so I had to spend some time with GIMP making it look more-less fine.

I also have to finish new (much larger) photo-background. As you can see in the back it's very early stage. So far there are only some bits attached, there's sand on the ground and some base browns slapped. This time I decided to leave more open space so there's no problem with taking photos of whole squads or larger models (like Eradicator).

Hope you like it so far - it should look more juicy when I deal with real life shit.

And the last thing:
last Monday the postman delivered something I got from one of LAF members: some missing oldie models from classic Warzone range + some undead legionnaires (because there's never enough zombies). I didn't expect getting some new toys from the dark past might touch me so much - but it did. Examining old sculpts brought back ton of memories from highschool times:
times when there was no cellphones everywhere, no facebook, no fucking selfies, times when people where still reading books and when our biggest concern was what to do with huge amount of spare time but not whether I can find enough strength to paint a single model during week (painting nights only of course) or not.

I feel old. Wretched. And broken.



  1. Fancy, new keyboard for such an old man. :)
    Remember that in highschool times there wasn't game table also.

  2. Yeah...
    Gamers were more imaginative apparently :)

  3. Keep it up, things will always get better again :)


  4. Not sure about it:
    from my point of view everything is getting worse always. In fact am scarred to look back to realize how much... ;)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Hey man , I understand you 100% , I got almost the same models you got from an only shop (Price august ??) and the feeling was amazing .
    Just one question , is Nepharite playable these days in "resurrection" ?

    Also , name of the big guy with sword please? I have it with no blister :(

  6. Hey,

    Don't realy give a damn about new Warzone.
    Can't say it's good or bad (haven't played it) but whole this new stuff is just not my vibe.

    Big dude on the right is nepharite of Semai - it's earlier variant.

  7. You feel old? But but your younger than me correct!? So take this from the smelliest of ol' farts... There is nothing like nostalgia I give you that, but the new stuff today will be old news in a decade or two so moving forward... today minis will be nostalgic too in the future. So in short flood yourself with minis today and everyday just in case. I love the old minis they have a "baggage" but I still get the new stuff too because once matured ( like the wine) they will be good projects too.

  8. I know, I know...

    I think whole shitstorm started when our gaming grup fell apart (long time ago that is). Somehow I just cannot face the fact there are only 2 of us left on the local battlefield while I can read about active gamers on blogs and forums.

    Maybe it's high time for me to stop being whiny bitch and move on with the hobby, find some new source of inspiration and joy of it. Whatever.
    I agree about new stuff - most of it just ain't my league but no matter what do I think about placcy stuff and EE - their plaguebearers set is just sweet...

    Thanks for that Nav! :)