Friday, June 26, 2015

New photo background + bit of Demnogonis

This time just quick update:
today I hopefully finished some job for the local courthouse so finally I got some free time to take pics of new display / photo background.
As mentioned before (several times actually...)  the previous one has been serving me for quite a long time now and I still like it a lot, but it turned out it's just not big enough for larger groups or minis or rather big models. Pretty crowdy, isn't it?

So the decision was made to get another one: wider and taller.
I wanted to make it similar to the first one and keep the theme of our post-apo / wasteland battlefield. Wasteland is cool: easy to build and all materials needed are some sand / gravel + spare bits. I used repainting Ramshackle Games parts (thanks again Curtis).
I must admit when I got those bits I underestimated them - it took me a while to spot the potential of the goodies. Since that day Ramshackle's offer has expanded a lot so now there's just tons of really cool models to choose.

Anyway here's overall view on the thing: it's 00" wide and 00" tall to fit my display case. As you can see there's anough space even for such fatties as Eradicator, biogigant, dreadnought or whatever. There's also small, everlasting tribute for Rik Mayall in the middle.

And the first attempt to use new station for photos.
I've expected much more - no idea is it the matter of camera settings, light, colors of wall behind or unusual (for me) model - pretty bright and clean. Probably mix of all...
I did my best to get result closest to reality but it's still too damn colorful - I assume it's because of the reddish in the wall back. Artifilcal lights were turned off and flesh is still damn bright - it must be white added to the final highlights. I guess.

Hope the next piece will be something bit more my style so pics should bebetter.
Take care! 


  1. Looks good, keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks man, the next one coming is oldie praetorian stalker :)

  3. That's beautiful - I love the posters on the background (and the fallen grate). Those sorts of details are what make a shot.

  4. Thanks - I totally agree:
    just a few details to break the background's monotony is enough to make the piccies more "storytelling".

    Besides minis look much better standing on it in the glass case ;)