Monday, June 1, 2015

Warzone classic Eradicator

Hey again!

This time something quick and still wip-py: Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid.
I wanted to keep it for later posting (together with Warzone game report) but since there was no gaming last weekend...

I picked it from the lead pile to paint something else than another zombie and all in all I am happy to see is finally covered with paint. I don't play Cybertronic but this one will be part of several scenarios I have in mind (we all know the damn A.I. was never to be trusted...)

The model I got had no right arm so I needed prosthesis:
first I managed to recast original arm (with Magmascorcher) but since the flamer didn't turn out as nice as I was hoping for it has been cut off and replaced with placcy heavy machine gun from EE range. I must say I like it better than original weapon - deathdroid armed with Titan Megablaster can control most of the battlefield is placed properly.

General painting idea was of course based on the "official paintjob", besides such a baby-blue color will be pretty striking on desert themed field of battle. When I was applying highlights I was quite sure delicate blue won't be enough for painting edges and as you can see - I was totally right. So the first thing to do is to finish edges with almost pure white and enchance the shadows with either olive chalk dirt or reddish-brown rust, haven't decided yet.
I also think some greasy oil leaks wouldn't hurt - there's lots of pipes after all.

Hope you like the current stage of works.



  1. Bah, A.I. with critical error!
    Perfect for scenario game.

  2. Utterly fantastic work on the Death Egg!

  3. The convo also turned out quite well Demi.

  4. Thanks guys!
    Hope to find 'nuff strength to finish it shortly :)

  5. This reminds me of the "Mousers" from the old TMNT cartoons :) Looks pretty bad ass!

  6. Heh, maybe - didn't know that cartoon (had to google it...)
    I would be more bad ass if my Tamyia clear red didn't dry out!