Friday, January 21, 2022

Rescue bot (Neuroshima tactics)

This time it's something really unique - cute piece from (I'm afraid long dead already) Polish game: Neuroshima Tactics. The game was based on pretty badass role playing game, which was also base of very popular board game (Neuroshima Hex).
The setting is more-less classic postapocalyptic world - take Mad Max II & III and Fallout and you get general idea. 4 factions fighting for survival on the rotting corpse of wrecked world. Among them: Moloch - faction of intelligent machines (long story very short).

So when the game was starting I got 3 models from the producer to paint. Sadly I didn't like the sculpts at all - I got some human survivors. And that was it - end of my Neuroshima Tactics adventure. Last week friend of mine mentioned about new skirmish game he was working on. After we shared some ideas he said he also ordered a model fitting postapocalyptic setting and I offered to give it a paintjob.

It turned out it was robot from Moloch faction.
Must admit contrary to human sculpts this little f#cker is just supercool. I had different idea about color scheme, but my friend chose red. So here it is: dieselpunk tracked fire hydrant. Cannot wait to assemble my gang of scavengers to dismantle this band of Kitchen Aids and bring remains to local scrap metal dealer! 👾

And the scale shot - rescue bot is now serving Copplestone's Finest gang 🤠🤠🤠🤖


  1. Red machine of pure destruction for the win! And the Westland family photo looks amazing.

  2. You better prepare ar$es of your ash wastes hobos to be kicked big time!

  3. Ohh, pretty nice! I don't know what was your idea, but red works perfectly on this one. Though I guess some other colours would work nice too!

  4. Pale olive green of course!
    Makes great contrast to red stars 😉