Sunday, May 29, 2022

Necrosurgeon (Cryx)

Looks like I am still on Warmachine painting wave. Last week some mechanithralls got prepared for combat and now I decided to boost their morale and survivability: 
the boys got hot and saucy nurse to fix their wounds during heat of the battle 😍  

The model comes with 3 assistants - stitch thralls. These little fellas were painted quite a long time ago (apart from bases - these were refreshed to fit new mechanithralls), but until now I couldn't find enough steam to finsh the surgeon. Which is strange actually. Before I started painting I was sure all those details (like nasty medical tools) would cause lots of trouble but in the end it took me only 2 evenings to get work done 😳

I really regret I haven't done it earlier - this sculpt is just brilliant! It's surely one of the most characterful models in Warmachine range - in my opinion that is. The sculpt turned out way better then artwork. It's just so cold and evil - clearly reminds cenobite from Hellraiser series or Dark Eldar haemonculus. Just look at these empty eye sockets! 😵
The "human" part is pretty frail - not like most of Warmachine models so it was a chalenge to paint it with brushes I use (in fact for quite a long time I've been pretty sure the sculpt is underscaled). I'd gladly paint another one armed with better tools and bit more patience.

Here it is anyway - together with her grateful patients 👩‍⚕️


  1. Nicely fits in with the rest of the unit. Eyeless and heartless for sure.

    1. Just enough to scratch out eye balls of your Khador bandits! 👾