Sunday, May 1, 2022

Undead chariot #2

It took a little while since I painted the previous chariot, but now my deaders got another wheeler. As most of miniatures from this range, this one brought me back and I'm really glad I got opportunity to work on it. The chariot is really old piece and I got it recently in exchange for goblin wold riders set - never had any use for greenskins so I consider it great deal. 

The model I got was painted and was mostly complete - scythes were missing and there was only one crew member so I added 2 more skellies from Wargames Factory to make the platform more crowdy. Speaking of which - I really like WF sculpts but assembling those bony models is just pain in the ass. Bony ass that is! 💀

I really like black and white stripes banners idea so the chariot also got one. Shambling horde of undead marching under banners like this should look supercool. Haven't decided yet should army standard should be the similar or maybe I should make up something else.

And all undead "heavy hitters" together. Looks lije there's one more chariot and Arkhan the Black himself yet to be done...


  1. I do love the colour on the bones, it looks really natural and it makes a rather monochromatic piece quite a thing to see! Fantastic job

  2. Dlaczego ten rydwan jedzie do tyłu?

  3. @Suber: thanks! I've been trying to find quick and effective way for painting bones so hope to use it on rank and file models soon 🙂

    @Pepe: the chariot it riding forward - the banner beaerer is just fighting off the chase! And it has absolutely nothing in common with the fact there was no other way to place the 3rd model on the platform! 😁

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers dude!

      Working on those old models is pure pleasure, kinda like excavating artifacts 😁

  5. Beautiful work man! Love what you do with your Undead.

    1. Mate, you do not want to know what I really do with my Undead... 😈