Sunday, May 15, 2022

Undead chariot #3

Looks like iron... eeee... bone fist of my army is finished. It's pretty funny something causing only Strength 5 damage is called "heavy hitter" but it's Undead force after all.

After getting the previous chariot painted I decided to give a try to different color scheme to my skellies. Back days, actually damn long time ago, there was supercool Vampire Counts army presented in White Dwarf. Models were painted like just left their graves - lots of green tones, lots of modelling flock, static grass and dirt everywhere. Very inspiring stuff.

Obviously my latest war machine ain't that dirty. Instead it's more like corpse slowly decomposing nice and slowly in a forest - that's the reason of olive / green coating, moss etc. Such painting also gives nice contrast to the dusty base - the chariot surely has been summoned somewhere else and now it's crossing dusty plains to meet it's master. Something 🙄

Once again I used Wargames Factory skeletons for the crew - these are pain in the ass to assemble, but they can be posed many ways so it's worthy spending some extra time building models. That's it for now. Time to excavate the mummies or wash off the hipogriff...

Necro-family ready for road trip through the Old World:

-    this time the banner turned out too big,
-    this time the banner turned out not enough wavy,
-    I definitely need Undead dedicated backdrop, display "wall" or something. I am quite sure that grey thing messes the colors somehow 🤔


  1. Maybe the banner should be flying in the opposite direction?

    1. Now it's too late - it's already glued and sealed. Besides there's wind blowing from behind so they move even faster 😋

  2. No to teraz możesz zorganizować wyścigi rydwanów :D Tym bardziej, że poruszają się z wiatrem ;)

    1. Mogę 😎
      W sumie żałuję że nie można tego wystawiać jako jednostki bo z T5 są bardziej przeżywalne niż zwykłe nekro-koniki.

  3. Fantastic job, as the previous ones. I love it!!

  4. Thanks guys - I also had lots of fun painting these old bones 😊