Monday, May 5, 2014

Liebster award

The Liebster award thingy seems to have been quite popular in the blog-network recently and I am very proud to be nominated by Simon (brill painter running Stone Cold Lead site) for this. The whole thing is more for promoting other blogs then for getting some reward yet it's still very cool event, it gives you a chance to get some background of people standing behind painted models and wargaming tables.

As for the procedure each nominated person needs to write 11 truths about him/herself, answer eleven questions from the person that gave the nomination and think of 11 questions to ask another person. So let's get the interrogation started:

11 truths:

1. I've been vegetarian for about 12 years? 13 maybe? I stopped counting, it's not a race.

2. When I was starting the hobby cruise I thought hobby related job must be the best in the whole world. After giving it a try for a while I barely decided to sell the toys and say bye-bye to miniatures. Fortunately - barely.

3. I have 6 cats and small stinky dog. It turned there's big difference between having 1 and 2 cats, but very small between having 2 and any more of them...

4. I got almost full sleeve inked on the right arm and it turned out tattoos are quite addictive...

5. I am (or better: used to be) Call of Cthulhu RPG Keeper or Secrets. Haven't played enough when I was younger so now I am doing my best to come back to role playing games.

6. I still have my very first model painted for Warhammer Fantasy Battle - placcy, one-piece goblin spearmen.

7. I hate football and politicians.

8. I've never managed to paint the first miniature ever purchased so about 3 years back I gave it commissioned paintjob. It's the only commissioned paintjob I ordered so far.

9. I love miniature exchanges.

10. Soft drugs possession should be depenalized. I haven't smoked anything in years.


11 answers to questions from stonecoldlead:

1. Do you have a model or group of models that hold a particular sentimental value to you, and if so why is that?
Many - I have some sentiment related to most of models I painted and about like 90% of them I can tell some story. As for particular sentiment I think I have special place in heart for first 2 models purchased ever (old Warzone Valpurgius and Immafulate fury) and for the first WFB model painted ever - still have these in the collection.

2. If you could have your likeness sculpted in miniature what type of model would you choose?
A corpse.

3. What video game would you most like to see a range of miniatures based upon?
I'd like to see some creatures from Diablo I - like collection edition (box of 5-10 models). There was such thing released years ago but I'd like to see it done really fine this time.

4. Would you like to see Games Workshop go under and disappear from the industry completely?
Interesting question.
I think even though EE has less and less in common with my view of hobby in past it released tons of models I just love so they earned the right to love. Tricky bastards...

5. Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to miniatures? A particular model or range that kind of sucks but you love it anyway.

6. Slotta bases, love 'em or hate 'em?
Love them if I can choose only between these two options only.

7. What was the most disappointing miniature or game you've ever purchased?
I dunno, probably Killzone PS3 game because of polish dubbing.
But I think twice before spending any money so I avoid hobby disappointment in general.

8. Have you ever seriously considered selling off all your models and games and just packing the whole hobby in?
Yes, there was one very critical moment but I am glad I decided to stay. It was hard lesson learnt about mixing hobby with business and family.

9. Will zombies ever lose their appeal amongst painters and gamers?
No friggin' way!

10. What's the best bargain you've got off Ebay (miniatures/gaming related)?
Sadly  I don't purchase stuff from Ebay as often as I'd like (miniatures is quite expensive hobby in my opinion) so there was not much opportunities for getting bargain price, but from what I recall I got great shape Realm of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness book pretty cheap. Sadly cannot say the same about getting The Lost and The Damned but simply couldn't resist having both grimoires in my collection. 

11. Gem or opaque dice?

11 nominated blogs:


11 questions:

1. Do you remember what was your very first model painted / purchased?
If so - what was it and when?

2. What is the best brand of matt varnish you've used so far?

3. Is there a strong hobbyists community where you live?
Or are you miniatures-weirdo operating in the dark room connected by internet with other maniacts around the globe?

4. Do you share miniatures with your kids (if there are any) or is the hobby game for grown ups only?

5. Do you think brushlicking is the mark of truly devoted painter?

6. What mediums and other additions do you use for paining?

7. Would you consider participating in miniatures exchange organized between bloggers?

8. Your opinion about GW rip-off models: all those not-space marines and others.

9. Do you think Ukraine will survive the crisis thing or will is wall apart to small pieces within coming months?
10. Do you trust people who do not swear?
11. Does your hobby gets any support from the family, or they just don't care? Or maybe your partner would prefer you spend the time doing something more productive?


  1. Those are very interesting answers and very good questions too. I'll mage à proper answers when backk from vacations but for now , please let me express my gratitude for this award and my congatulations for a well earned award!!!

  2. Heh, well you're earned it, just like other blogs I nominated.
    Waiting to see some more classic stuff on your site in no time!

  3. Thanks for the nomination! :D
    I'd like to thank my parents, my wife, and all readers for their support. *sniffle* I'll go and think of 11 truths, answers and new blogs now.
    Also joined your blog ;)