Friday, January 3, 2014

Another mile through Styx

Hey there in the brand new, shiny and still smelling factory year 2014.

The whole depressive christmas time is over, the same for ghastly new year's eve so it's time to focus on something what really counts.

Once again I managed to paint something.
It's nothing big sadly, but definitely enough to be added to annual summary: medium size wreck markers for my Cryx force. Original wrecks stand on flat bases but I decided to put them on 40mm round  lip ones. My warjacks use them so my wrecks will as well.

Painitng junk is fast and easy - I think painitng both piles of junk took me like 2 hours?
This + waiting until wash on the sand dried (that's probably the most time consuming part of whole painitng process). It's nothing contest worthy but fits the battle force well so hope to use them shortly (in the Ashhyxious' tier based, uber-nasty list hehehe...)

Speaking of Cryx: last night while I was having a break from doing some boring paper work I found mutilated mechanithrall miniature, which steam fists and head I needed for converting model for "Enthrallment painitng challenge" on No Quarter. You can read a bit about it here if you have some spare time to waste.

So I found that poor dead soul and decided to muster it back to the animated legion of Master Toruk. I was also quite happy to use spare placcy parts from EE models (finally these silly termie arms were found useful). Several drill holes and wallpaper knife cuts later brute thrall* wannabe was ready for painting. It's pretty skinny as for brute thrall so I think I will add some mode pipes to make it differ more from ordinary mechanithralls. And of course I need to get mechanithralls unit ^^

And the last thing now - annual summary.
The official score is 30 painted models vs 21 played games.
It's definitely not as much as I'd wish for but it's still something. I mean, on average it's more less a model painted and game played once per 2 weeks so (on average) every week I either played a game or painted a model.
Statistics is such a crap ^^

Even though the chart below doesn't look optimistic I shouldn't complain: after all I am still in the hobby business even though I work more and even though we're quite busy with trying to properly raise that little spawn ov hell who lives under the bed... eee... I mean the baby.
There're no goals  for the coming year - I still have several started projects which I'd love to see finished one day but it's nothing worthy acting under pressure. I want to finally enjoy the hobby 100%, the fun is what hobby is for.

So is there anything I can wish you all for the new year? And for the years coming after?
Yup: try to take things easy, keep distance from life, live and let others live the way they want. Life is short and there's no guarantee for another.
Keep warm!

* Some time ago I used original brute thrall model for painting contest. It was fun but the price was high: Dragonfather's legion in Elbląg lost 5 reliable slaves. 

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