Friday, November 27, 2015

Bit more Oldhammer


This time I am just finishing some work in progress stuff.
I feel totally drained of life force. It's not really about the hobby, life issues stepped in shattering everything in the path and leaving nothing but scorched earth. Again.
The more time I spend here the more disgusted I feel.

Looks like this sh!thole world's guarantee expired long time ago so there's not much to be done about it now. No returns.

As for the finished stuff:
first of all - Oldhammer vampyre's henchman.
It's simple convo - oldie halfling with marauder head and bone instead of chicken leg.

For the scale:

And blast from the past - screaming skill catapult (thanks Tim!).
Funny sculpts - I really like those skulls with evil grin. Models are bit shiny because I run out of matt sealer. As soon as order arrives I'll finish the job.
I didn't plan initially it but I'll add some striking rust and mayve oxidation just to break boring colors.
On the other hand what else can you expect from skellies?

And the last - small summary:
gathering of minis for Undead army I managed to collect so far. Some more are still washing off, others - waiting for basing. Lots of work ahead.

That's it for now.
Praying for better mood during assembling the next post.


  1. Jest klimat. Dreg i machina po pomalowania wyglądają świetnie :)

  2. Dzięki, niestety maszyna niedokończona a dreg wyszedł nie tak jak chciałem.
    Nie mogę się pozbierać. W takim stanie nie powinno się prowadzić samochodu ani malować figurek.

    1. Marudzisz. A kto jest zadowolony ze swojego malowania? ;) A poprawić zawsze można, tym bardziej ze ma zdjęciach wyglądają OK. :)

    2. Jestem wrakiem.
      Nie dość, że nie powinienem malować, to jeszcze pisać komentarzy.

    3. Ty wiesz lepiej ale co nie zabije to wzmocni. Podobno.

    4. Ja tam już nic nie wierzę.
      Poza tym, że muszę poprawić te szkielasy.
      I postawić na podstawki resztę załogi :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling low. I hope writing about it makes you feel a little better -- it's really good to share this sort of trouble.

    On the upside -- your miniatures are amazing. I confess that I've never loved that Vampire figure when I've seen him before, but your version makes me totally reconsider him. He's gorgeous.
    The catapult also looks great. Forgive me if you've already written about this, but I'd love to know how you paint bones.
    Thanks for the great post.

    1. Thanks mate.
      I think it was the plan, to share the sh!t which's been hitting me for quite a long time now.
      Didn't help much tho :)

      Ontopic: for me that vamp was also great discovery, such a simple model but so much character!

      As for the bones I paint it easy (lazy) way. Some tome ago I got Reaper's "bone" triad: base color, shade and highlight.
      I mostly use this:grey undercoat (any grey will do), bone shadow, highlight with aged bone and then polished bone (bleached bone) or polished b.+shull white if I want it cleaner.
      Then glazes:diluted smoke ink and some brown or olive chalk and then some more highlights.
      Thant's it :)

      When matt sealer comes I will add some pure white highlights so make it look more striking.