Wednesday, February 8, 2017

US storm


I've been cooking this post for a while so it's high time for painter's katharsis - no more hiding pics on hard drive! Pics of painted models that is...
The top picture is group shot of my paratroopers - whole team has finally been painted!
Those were my entry for local contest so couldn've posted them earlier yet it's still better now than never. The guys didn't perform as nice as I was hoping for but screw this:
the deadline was effective motivator to get them done by the end of January.

In the meantime I've managed to bring them to the field and they are very solid and reliable unit. Last week they survived 2 rounds of direct fire from treachous Churchill tank. The fact is - placing them on top of the hill might not have been my smartest strategic move, but it only proves how badass paratroopers are. And some more shots - painted units always look nice:

We've also been testing some terrain features and I decided to build a test brick wall.
Test, because what we have doesn't provide enough cover for infantry units. I wanted to see wall tall enough to hide whole standing model behind.

Below you can see the first attempt - piece of wall made of clay casted bricks. All in all it's quick and easy, hard to f*ck job. The biggest problem is waiting for clay to dry - bricks run out quite fast.
What do you think?
I am considering molding some larger sections so building more massive and complex constructions is easier and simply - faster.

And here's some recent paintjob to support regular infantry:
from left to right badass NCO for the second squad of regular infantry, medic and another annonymous rifle-carrier. All models were painted using the very same color palette to keep my force as coherent and unified as I can provide. I've just thought there're like 6 models left and I my US army is ~1000pts painted!
Well maybe not exactly all units is what I want to see but it's still solid start.

And sniper team: mostly useless but there's nothing worse than loosing light machine gun or commander just by leaving these two operating freely...

The wall:
clay can be painted with no problem, hitting it with dry pigments and spray sealer also works. On the next one I'll try to apply stronger drybrush so whole piece is more striking and contrasting.

And last but not least - heavy support.
Abour Monday mailmand delivered freshly casted set or infantry from Black Tree Designs.
I chose them because they provide metal range of minis, the selection is pretty wide and I don't want to see any doubles in my army and there was really sweet promotion for WW2 stuff recently.

Models require some cleaning but it's really nothing I cannot deal with. And thank to this investment US army got 16 fresh recruits and medium mortar - just to keep enemy infantry slightly more insecure on the battlefield...

So that's it for now,
thanks for reading!


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    1. Thanks mate, some fresh bricks are drying at this very moment so sooner or later the infantry should get some more extra protection :)

      I am really curious about molding/casting results.