Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flooded battlefield!

Hey again!

It's been a while since the last update but sadly not much was going on around Necromunda matter - practice duties and such are to blame...
But thank to last night game there is something to write about:
last night we were having the last game using Eschers vs Van Saars played on modular gaming table!
As you can see it's still wip stage but it's done enough so we could test some solutions, obstacles settings etc. There are 2 more modules being made so we have more terrain variety to choose.

Before models were placed we got serious adrenaline boost: just after we came to the gaming pit and opened beers water pipe broke and water was rushing into the place - no shit!
I had to shut down water supply in the whole building (Friday evening) and we started looking for plumber. Thank Cthulhu one of the neighbours knew what to do and after 30 mins gaming place was ready for the battle.
On Monday I have to find the fuck who was installing the water counter and burst his ass - the job was screwed up and it was the reason of the whole mess.

Anyway since it was the last game my opponent chose gang fight scenario. It turned out my Eschers were storming buildings occupied by damn Van Saars.
Fortunately for me after 2 juves and one ganger went down Deco fucked up bottle test before his gang was able to deal some serious damages upon my band of frenzied tits.

Hope to play next game on slightly improved battlefield but we cannot start painting it until all gaps are filled. I pray to see it prepared for pj yet this year.
But in the meantime - some shots:

What else?
Last week I managed to get one of 4 missing Scavies to get my gang complete:
really would like to see the gang in action again but these bastards are so cheap that dozen of minis just ain't enough for standard game...
There is another auction on Ebay right now running so with a bit of luck I might get the gang completed - that would be pretty nice Xmas gift ^^

And last but not least:
last week I signed up for 2 painting events - wa really looking for these, because I hope they will provide hobby rush I've been looking for a long time:
5th edition of Chest of Colors Miniature Exchange and the very first FUUK painting contest.
About 13.11.2011 I will know my recipient for ME and but 31.12.2011 I must have entries painted for FUUK event - can't wait to dig some old and ugly minis and see them painted :D

That's it for now - I am off to plan the gang for the netx game (Delaque, Cawdor or Goliath) and work on Mezoghoul - my client is pretty pissed because of the delay I suppose... =/


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